As the layout of the book is near the end, we can not receive more updates through this form.
If specially urgent updates are necessary, contact Lasse Aga
by phone: +47 952 16 977
or by e-mail: lasse.aga(at)

(The @ is not quoted as to avoid spam)
  • When completing the form it will be of utmost importance to enter the data as correct as possible.
  • Pictures schould have a neutral background.
  • By placing the cursor on a field, a yellow label will appear, describing the field and give special clues for the completion of that field.
  • Females are always to be entered by their maiden name.
  • Middle names are normally defined as a second family name, i.e. the last name of one of the parents.
  • All other Christian names are to be entered into the field “first name”.
  • It is not possible to save the form when it is filled in. If you would like a printout you must print before sending the form to the Committee. The “Biography” field “Other information” may not be printed completely if a lot of text has been entered in to it.
  • By ticking of that you want to send the form to your own e-mail address; you will receive a “Gedcom” file which is the type of file the Committee will use to enter the data into the database.
  • If you have any questions as to the completion of the form you may address yourself to your Committee representative or to Knut O. Kverneland who helps the Committee establishing contacts in the US.
  • All the forms received will be automatically sent to your Committee Representative who will enter the data into the database.
  • One copy will be sent to an external server as a security back-up. This server can accessed only by the Committee Chairman.
  • You are requested if possible to send us as many e-mail addresses as possible of the reported persons who may be interested in receiving information from the Committee. This will be important to facilitate communication with as many persons as possible.
  • You are also requested to spread the information of this updating project to as many family members as possible so that the data received are as complete as they can get.
  • If you are going to attach photos, make sure that a photo may not exceed 800 kB, and the total of all photos can not exceed 1600 kB! For information how to change photo size, click here.
Data Entry Form.