November. 18th. 2013 STATUS FAMILYBOOK PROJECT ON THE AASLAND FAMILY The books are now all delivered from printers and binders. We have distributed to those in Europe and Australia having ordered books.
We have sent 500 copies to the US and they have now arrived at our dispatcher’s shop in Houston, Texas on November 18th. The 134 sets of the books that have so far been sold to customers in the US and Canada will be distributed very shortly by our dispatcher. I am truly sorry for the delays, but finally we seem to be on track again.
I ask all of you that have ordered books please, to send me an email to inform me when you have received the books.
The Committee members do hope the books arrive in your mailbox in good condition and that you are satisfied with the result. Furthermore, I would like you all to help us spread the word that the books have arrived and can be ordered from our web site. Either by Goggling the word dnalsaa (Aasland – backwards).
You can also use the following link: .
When you order from overseas please use the button called: “Order and pay with card through PayPal”. You do not need to have a PayPal account to do that. When you enter the PayPal page you will find a link called: Don’t have a PayPal account? Click on that one and continue to follow the instructions on the screen..
As Christmas is rapidly approaching this might be an idea for you to give a Christmas gift to your close ones. We hope to receive several more orders from the US as there should be far more that 130 that should take interest in this.

October. 11th. 2013 The book that have been ordered and prepaid have now been sent to all.
Dispatch to those in the USA and Canada will commence as soon as the books have arrived in Houston. Estimated time of arrival in Houston is at present October 22nd, 2013.
After that, we plan to distribute ordered book at regular intervals approximately once a month :
    Week 47 starting November 18th, 2013
    Week 50 starting December 9th, 2013.

September. 10th. 2013 Distribution of books.
The family books have now been received from the binders in Denmark. Today 500 copies are sent to Houston in Texas. That will take approx. 4 weeks. Thereafter, all books that have been ordered from the US and Canada will be dispatched to the addresses that we have recorded from your respective orders.
I am sending this as email to 1490 different email addresses. We have received orders from approx 400 persons. This indicates that there are many of you that have not yet sent us your orders.
Either you may «Google» the word dnalsaa, the word Aasland backwards, or you may go straight to the following link Aetten-aasland , or type the URL: