The book about the Aasland family was issued for the first time in 1910. (43 pages). The next, updated  issue came out in time for the family gathering at Aasland on 29th June 1947. Ola Aurenes was in charge of all practicalities for this issue. The book was printed in 1500 copies.
On 17th June 1973 the next family gathering was organized at Aasland. Information about the family’s development after the 1947 issue was collected. Editor for this update was Sigrun Misund. The book was issued in 1979.
Much has happened since then. Lasse Aga has now after 26 years, commenced the work for a new updating of the book. A committee is established to work on collecting the required data to for a successful update.
We ask as many as possible to consult these pages, inform others, at large, about the pages and in due course send relevant iformation to the Committee.
It is important to reach also those who has emigrated. Therefore, we see internet as the perfect tool to spread the news and collect data. Aasland is not a good name in English speaking countries. Therefore, some have changed their name to Ausland or Ashland.
Founding of an Association called: Ætten Aasland..
At August the 7th in 20013, we founded an association called Aetten Aasland that has been registered in the official Register at Brønnøysund. Our organisation number is: 912 411 672. The formal document for this registration has been signed by all the Committee Members.
The Associations Board is composed of:
Lasse G. Aga Board leader
Steinar AaslandBoard member
Dagny Marie Aasland JohannessenBoard member
Osmund Nygaard HoveBoard member / Cashier
Karleif LendeBoard member

The main purpose of this registration has been to get refund of all ingoing VAT tha we pay on purchases we make. Our sale of books is exonerated from VAT so we do not have any incoming VAT to account for.